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About Us


Home of great tasting meals . A fusion of cultures .The coming together of our Rainbow Nation

We sell Fries, Burgers, Pizza’s, Toasted Sandwiches, Rolls.

ww-slide-showWe are the home where legendary meals such as the “AK Special “ and “Wonder Why”
have been born.

The Akhalwaya’s style of food started in the 1950’s  in Fordsburg . It was a melting pot of cultures , American , British, European , Malay, Indian and African . Culture affects everything:  our ideas , dress ,food etc .  In this fusion of cultures, stores such as Zulfikars,  Minty’s,  Pinkys and Akhalwaya’s were born and thrived. These stores were frequented by patrons from across a wide spectrum of cultures.  The food offering was Western food with and an Indian flavour.slide-show-ak

In February of 1990 we opened Akhalwaya’s Dial A Meal in Mayfair on Church Street. Here we made  Fast Food in the same style and taste of the 1950’s.  Our menu offering was the traditional fish and chips, burgers, sandwiches and curries. In 1995 we moved to bigger premises and introduced our unique pizza’s from a traditional clay oven.

slide-show-fish-and-chipsToday we have re branded ourselves and have begun franchising so that we are more accessible to the entire country and hopefully the whole world. Offering the same food ,taste and quality you have associated with us  across all stores